Our Modern Approach

Diligent, compliant Tenant Screening process for your rentals assures longer lasting profitable lease contracts.

Our tenant screening process lets us know who's who and how to calculate risk. The property management Tenant Screening solution gives us the tools, knowledge and insight we need to lease your unit with confidence. We can access the industry's largest rental payment history database, in-depth criminal background information and extensive credit checks-including credit reporting from the major bureaus with current Al Scoring engine, which gives us a simple yet thorough report based on all factors-of the "Renter Worthiness" of a prospect typically within seconds.

Once we have the report with their debt to income ratios and payment history. We will also verify the prospect's employment and income to make sure they are able to afford the rent on top of the other obligations they have.


We got your back 24/7//365 for troubleshoot calls, repairs, and everything else that happens in the real world.

With our local Maintenance Department personnel as well as a toll free 800 number for after hours, weekends and holidays, you can rest assure that we stay on top of repairs and preventive maintenance in real time, to optimize the value of your asset.

  • Good maintenance adds value to your rental!
  • It is important to be able to hold tenants accountable for the condition of your unit with personal and detailed move-in and move-out inspections and evaluations of expenses.
  • We have Maintenance personnel do periodical quality inspection
  • We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week - with a toll free 800 number that that is there to dispatch emergency assistance any time.
  • We can provide Estimate project costs and manage spending.
  • It is important to understand how the law protects the landlords as well as the tenants in Guam
  • You will be able to get a valuable view of all projects and productivity through your internet based portfolio.


Information at your fingertips through our property management portal – for transparency and accountability.

The self-service owner portal provide the insights and visibility where you will be able to view real time portfolio information including ledgers, documents and back and forth communication.

Your Owner's portal will notify you via email of all activity in your portal, calls for repairs, when tenant's give notice and much more.

Owner Portals allow for all communication to be stored in one convenient location in the owner's portfolio in Propertyware for future reference, so you never lose a conversation like you can with email.


Honest, dedicated, and caring management team who has your best interest in mind. We work for you.

Building a successful property management business is about relationships. As a property manager, we can take that burden off the property owners. Besides our Maintenance personnel, we also have strong relationships with vendors and contractors throughout Guam, who are licensed and insured, to help maintain and repair your properties, and provide assistance when problems arise.

As a property manager, it's our business to visit properties to get to know the tenants, the property, and the neighborhood. Our rental property management software maintains records so that you have clear documentation of everything from inspections to leases.

Maintaining an ongoing and an emergency communication system is taxing on property owners. However, we do this with our property management software and our after hours calls and contact center. We are able to thoroughly document communication and provide 24/7 customer service.